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Help businesses who sell a service, spend more time providing that service and less time on the distractions of running a business.

We are building a cross-device platform that allows us to automate the things that distract business owners from the core functions of running their business, including; marketing, customer loyalty, accounting, payroll, recruitment and procurement.

Getting Started:

  1. Evolving how an SME does marketing, by helping their business to acquire new customers. Traditionally, you would either appoint a digital agency or try to do the digital marketing yourself. For a small business, this as an inefficient use of time and money. An SME will never be able to beat competitors with larger budgets and dedicated staff. LitePages enables businesses to start buying leads or customers in need of their service now.

  2. Implementation of a customer feedback system and key learnings based on qualitative results. Similar to Uber or Airbnb, LitePages has a platform to allow both parties to review the other. Assisting businesses from getting terrible reviews on public sites by empowering their customers to be heard and giving the business a learning opportunity. Businesses reviews of the customer will not be seen outside of LitePages and used to determine the legitimacy of criticism from a customer. Data collected will be used in future technology on our roadmap.

How do you do that and still make money?

  1. Economies of scale, we service a much larger area then a small business and apply learnings across all our partners in similar industries.

  2. LitePages is developing technology including a booking engine for services and a customer management environment with AI to make smarter digital marketing decisions.

  3. We love quality content. We love it so much that we expect to outspend our development costs with creation of great information.

  4. We never stop optimising and spend considerable time on CRO. With Bond Cleaning, in a single month the optimisation work could cost upto $20K with an agency. Small business cant afford to spend this on a digital service.

Revenue Sources

  1. Connecting businesses with leads in need of what they do. Either on a per lead basis or subscription. Starting from $30 a lead. MVP Available Now

  2. Affiliate Revenue from partners for related products that might be of interest to leads. MVP November 2018

  3. Display Banners on content through partner AdNetworks. Placements won’t be available to competitors. MVP November 2018

  4. Commission from payments collected by us through the service booking engine. MVP October 2018

  5. Commision from add-on service revenue such as accounting or payroll platforms.Expanding the platform beyond marketing activity MVP Late 2019

  6. Supplier commission for our bulk buying capabilities. Using buying power to negotiate with suppliers on behalf of partners for common supplies MVP Mid 2019

Our Technology and Services

We Love Data, Design and Creative equally and endeavour to spend dollar for dollar on each.

  1. Customer Management Platform

    We are in complete control of all our data and are not constrained by any external platforms. Fluid nature of our CMP makes implementing machine learning and general development a smaller piece of work.

    MVP Mid 2019
  2. Service Booking Engine

    A secure, customisable place to turn leads into paying customers for any service. Being developed in a manner that will allow it to be used on our site initially, with plans to allow it to work on other sites in the near future.

    MVP October 2018
  3. App and web interface – for Business

    A user-friendly place to manage your LitePages services, orders and your account. Makes lite work of booking jobs.

    MVP January 2019
  4. Cookie

    We know who our customers are to ensure we provide a great user experience both on site and off site. Data used not only to personalise the experience but also for matching with the right service provider from past experience. MVP Mid 2019

  5. Our Website

    When designing and coding speed is front of mind. When it makes financial sense we are ready for new technology including AMP and PWA. Designs focus on what is familiar to users and don’t re-invent the wheel. LitePages is inspired by Google’s Material Design and Apple’s Human interface. MVP Available Now

  6. Digital Marketing Team

    We can scale quickly to meet business supply with the leads they need. Our in-house team is ready for any challenge. Team Growing Now

Lead Capture Process

It’s about supply and Demand. Demand drives us to find supply.

  1. Tom’s Business comes to LitePages requesting leads for his service and nominated area.

  2. LitePages activates advertising in Tom’s area and collects suitable leads.

  3. These leads are passed to Tom, so he organises to provide the service.

  4. Tom lets LitePages know when the service will be conducted.

  5. The day before the service LitePages contacts Tom with an email or SMS to ensure everything is in order. If Tom has a problem, we can find a new business to conduct the service.

  6. LitePages emails the customer at the same time to confirm Tom’s business will be coming tomorrow. It helps ensure that when Tom arrives, the customer is ready and hasn’t forgotten the appointment.

  7. After the job is completed we email both parties to review the service.

  8. The data we collect from both parties becomes part of our customer database.

  9. LitePages wants to know what Tom is doing well and where there is room for improvement. We can use these learning to compare his business to his industry’s standard.

  10. Tom hasn’t been warning his customers when he is late. So in his next Newsletter, we include a link to a content piece on why it is important to let your customers know you are delayed. The personalised article appears as though it was sent to everyone.

  11. LitePages has many other businesses like Tom’s who are looking for the same thing in other areas. It shares the learnings, optimisations and content investment across all of them.

  12. LitePages has a greater digital spend than a small business so, as services become popular, it can leverage SEO and specific content to do even better.

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