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What does a plumber do?

A plumber is a professional, qualified tradesperson who is trained in the safe installation, replacement and repair of pipes, fittings and other equipment relating to water supply, sanitation and ventilation. Many plumbers also specialise in areas such as gas fitting, roofing, drainage and mechanical services.
The LitePages Plumber Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Honesty and quality are our service guarantees, you don’t need to compare quotes from large companies who are just competing for your money potentially at the expense of a quality service. After your work is completed we will send a short survey on your experience to your email. We truly value your feedback, it helps us to ensure the quality of our services is the best around! We ensure the high quality of our services by following up with each of our customers to measure expectation, price and satisfaction. We want to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck every time! If you’re not 100% satisfied with your service, tell us! It helps make us better and ensure that our customer’s needs are always met.

Plumbing Services

From blocked drains to leaking taps and hot water systems…almost anything where a pipe is involved!
  • Hot Water Tap

    Water Systems

    Install, repair or replace water heater/hot water systems, hot/cold water supply to bathrooms and kitchens, and even connect rainwater tanks.

  • Sanitory Septic Systems

    Septic/Sanitary Systems

    Install or repair both kitchen and bathroom fixtures such as toilets, basins and sinks, install or replace waste pipes, clear blockages and fix leaking pipes.

  • Drainage installation, repair and upgrade


    Both above and below ground drainage systems. Plumbers can install and repair roof gutters and downpipes as well as lay underground drainage systems.

  • Hot Water Tap

    Heating and Cooling Systems

    Such as ducted heating, hydronic heating and ducted evaporative cooling systems.

  • working with gas systems

    Gas Systems


  • Hot Water Tap

    Other Mechanical Systems

    Such as plumbed water refrigerators and water-based fire protection systems.

Plumber working

How to find a plumber

Just contact LitePages! We do all the hard work for you 😉

  • Simply go to the top of this page and tell us a little about what you need done
  • We pair you with a plumber in your local area to make sure that your money stays in your local community.
  • We also make sure you don’t get ripped off, the plumber is paid fairly for their work, and you get the right tradie the job. It’s a win for everyone!

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Getting the Parts

You are able to supply new parts to our plumbers, for example if you want a specific shower head or kitchen basin installed. This gives you more flexibility but also risks spending money on products that are not suited to your unique situation.

It is always best to call our qualified plumbers and talk through what you want to do before purchase to ensure the product that you buy is suitable. They will be able to talk you through everything that you need to consider.

Alternatively, our plumbers can pick up the suitable products for you and include the price in your quote. For any repairs or maintenance, our plumbers will supply/order the parts for you to ensure they are the right ones and include the price of the parts in your quote.

Get ready for your plumber

What to do before your plumber arrives

    Whether you go with a plumber from our network or get your own (no hard feelings) to ensure the job goes as smoothly as possible, we recommend you do the following:

    • Arrange for your plumber to have entry to the property. Ideally, you should be there to show them the location of the problem and describe what you want done! If you can’t stay, organise someone to let them in such as your real estate agent or building manager.

    • If possible remove furniture, belongings or other items from the area of work that are not fixated to or part of the property. This will ensure your plumber has full access to the area they need to and make sure that no items get accidently damaged.

    • Confirm what time they are arriving and ensure either you or your plumber have the parts needed for the job.

Plumber apprenticeship

How to become a plumber in Australia

Training: In Australia, all plumbers go through a four-year apprenticeship supervised by an already registered plumber in order to complete their plumbing qualifications. They may receive a Certificate III or Certificate IV in plumbing. During their apprenticeship, they will learn how to safely perform plumbing services and comply with the Plumbing Code of Australia. More information on plumbing regulations can be found on Australian Building Codes Board website

We work to connect our local businesses with new apprentices. Are you interested in becoming a plumber or want to know how to become a plumber apprentice? Visit our apprentice signup portal below and see if there are any opportunities for a plumbing apprenticeship: Apprentice signup portal Accreditation: Once an apprentice plumber has completed their training and received their qualification they can apply for their license. Each state and territory have different technical and safety electrical regulatory bodies, therefore every plumber must be licensed by their state regulatory body to become qualified. Insurance: Safety is our number one priority. Our plumbers are all fully insured for Public and Product Liability. This means that if anything were to go wrong you, your home, and our plumbers are all covered.

Questions we are asked all the time

  1. Do I have to be present when the plumber is doing the job?

    For efficiency is recommended you are at the property while the plumber is working in case they need to check any details with you or discuss the problem they have identified. At the very minimum you will need to ensure you organise for the plumber to have access to the property so they can complete the job. .

  2. Do I need to supply any of the parts for my plumbing work?

    It is best you discuss this with your plumber as the parts will vary based on your specific job. If you would like a specific system or fixture installed you may supply this yourself. If the plumber repairing something they will often pick up the parts for you and include the cost in your quote. day.

  3. What happens if a plumber breaks or damages any of my belongings?

    Any qualified plumber will be insured so in the unlikely event there are any damages you will be compensated. It is recommended to check the insurance policy of a plumber before you book in a service.

  4. Is a plumber available on weekends and public holidays?

    Many qualified plumbers are happy to accommodate to your schedule. We have a number of weekend plumbers in our network. It is recommended to check if there is a weekend or holiday surcharge with your plumber before you book a service.

Do you have a question we might have missed?

Our mission at LitePages is to make getting a local service completed as easily as possible and FAQs is a great way to cut down on research time. If you would like us to get an answer for a question not above please send us a message on Facebook messenger here and we will get back to you ASAP.

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