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If you have ever struggled to have enough customers, can help!

LitePages for Business is the simplest way to find customers who need your service. Get back to work, get leads with LitePages.

If you run a high performing service business LitePageswould be very interested in exploring a partnership.

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How LitePages works for our business partners

There are three key areas where LitePages helps

  1. We get our partners qualified leads they are currently not seeing with their exisiting marketing activity
  2. Our technology helps to manage these customers from lead to quote, quote to job and beyond
  3. LitePages only wins when our partners win, we unlock insights to help them improve all asspects of what they do.

Best of all, you get back time currently spent on admin to complete more jobs

Why work with LitePages?

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Cost Effective

Cost effective way to gain business. Add regular additional revenue to your business

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No minimumn or maximumn spend allows us to tailor a package to our partners companies

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Unlock learnings for your business from reviews and big data.

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Finally small business can tap into enterprise data marketing strategies.

Here is how LitePages can help you crush these issues!

  1. Problem

    To much time is spent on marketing and it’s cutting into hours that should be spent out on a job.


    LitePages. Solving this is why we exist; it’s our mission. We are specialists with technology and marketing, and you can use us by purchasing customers not our time. No results, No cost. If this is an issue for your business, how about a no obligations free demonstration?
  2. Problem

    My website is just not getting the results I expected


    Forget it; your website is not worth the cost and time to get it up to scratch. The honest answer is you will never have a website that performs well. Anyone who tells you differently doesn’t know what they are talking about or are about to charge you a hefty sum. The internet is a dog-eat-dog world, and more significant business will always trump yours. A high performing website that users love cost massive amounts to setup and then trigger enormous ongoing costs. Let this be our problem so you can get back to providing a high-quality service. If this is a problem for your company, what about a free demonstration?
  3. Problem

    We just aren’t getting anywhere with our Digital Marketing. How can we get our website on page one of Google? Our SEO doesn’t seem to work.


    Google rewards websites that help them achieve their mission statement; To organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Source. Don’t take offence; your website doesn’t help Google do this. The cost of getting this there is well beyond what a small business should be spending. Sites that have made it to page one are big business or maintained the position from when Google search was less competitive. In an aggressive search market, $150K a year is what you should be spending on labour to get you there. Not cost effective for a small business. Cut this cost Digital Marketing Costs out of your monthly budget and let LitePages worry about this. Does your company have this same pain point, would a free demonstration with our small business experts help?
  4. Problem

    The nature of what I do means repeat business is rare or a long way off.


    Our technology ensures we can always bring in a steady supply of new customers when you need them. So flick this issue our direction. Getting repeat customers is the oldest problem in business history, surely you would appreciate any help you can get. You’re one step away from booking a free demonstration with LitePages.

What does LitePages cost?

There are three ways to pay; the cost will depend on the service you provide.

  1. A set rate for each lead – Great for trialing LitePages
  2. Pre-purchasing packs of potential customers, this scale to be cheaper the more you purchase – the best option for casual business using LitePages when needed
  3. Become a premium partner, this guarantees leads and gets your contact number onto our pages – for companies ready to hand over their growth to our platform.

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  1. Is LitePages a digital marketing agency?

    No, we are a marketing tech company. We don’t work on your website or your digital marketing for this we recommend our partner Dreamflex. LitePages does cost per lead marketing, meaning we get you customers now.

  2. Are the leads you sell us qualified?

    All the leads we send you are in the market for your service and have requested more information, they are expecting your call.

  3. How long does it take to set up?

    Usually, from the time of payment, you will be up and running with LitePages in less than 24 hours.

  4. How does LitePages gets me leads?

    There are a few options that are best explained during a demo so as to ensure we are recommending the best for you. Here are the basics, we can agree on a set rate per lead we send your direction. Depending on how many leads you pre pay this cost scales downwards in your favor. Alternatively and for a premiumn a business that performs well can become a premiumium partner in this instance for the period they sign with us, they get a page on our site targeting their service and location with a minimumn lead per month quota.

  5. What do I need to signup for LitePages?

    An ABN plus a desire and capacity to do a great job.

  6. What support do you offer?

    Heaps, we want to ensure you understand how our platform works and that you’re successful. We will be ready by the phone to help. All our partners have an account manager they can reach out to at any time.

  7. The question I want to ask isn’t here?

    Just request a free demonstration with our team, and you can ask all your questions.

  8. How long does a demo take?

    A demo will take less than 45 mins, we will tailor the demo to your business and your opportunities.

  9. What are LitePages business contact information?

    You can call us on 047 894 1590, send an email to [email protected], send us a message through our contact page or request a demo


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