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Health and wellness services

Massage Therapy


Rated 5 stars on product review on 11th of December 2018

Popular massage types such as remedial massage and sports massage near you.

Massage therapist



Rated 5 stars on product review on 3rd of September 2016

There are many physio’s out there, let us help you find the right one.

Find a physio

acupuncture Thumbnail


Rated 4.5 stars on the 27th of August 2017

For centuries, acupuncturists have alleviated pain as well as to assist in healing and treatment.

Find acupuncture

personal trainer

Independent personal trainer

Rated 4.7 stars on on 10th of December 2018

A great personal trainer keeps you on track to reach your goals and improve your fitness.

Find a personal trainer

yoga and pilates

Yoga and pilates

Rated 5 stars on the 26th of September 2016

Unwind, destress, with a local yoga or pilates class taken by a proven expert.

Find yoga and pilates

Boxing and Boxfit Thumbnail

Boxing and boxfit

Rated 5 stars on product review on 30th of September 2018

Boxing classes are not just great for your fitness level can be a great way to meet new friends

Find boxing and boxfit

New mums fitness

New mums fitness

Rated 5 stars on the 30th of September 2018

Fitness classes for new mums with trainners who understand

Find New mums fitness


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