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Keep the home clean and in order prices start from $129

What is a Domestic Cleaning?

Domestic cleaners are professional cleaners who usually provide a regular tidy and clean for their client’s private residence, or provide one-off cleaning services like helping you with spring cleaning. Our professional cleaning services are covered by insurance in case any accidental damages occur and can be backed by a good stable business such as LitePages to ensure a high quality of customer service is maintained. If you’re looking for a someone to help you with house cleaning regularly, or it’s that busy time of year and you having a list of cleaning tasks as long as your arm than a domestic cleaner can help you.
The LitePages general cleaning guarantee

Our Guarantee

Honesty and quality are our service guarantee, after every clean that is completed we ask you to review the work so we can maintain this high standard. All our partners want to be at work and want to do better. Before every clean, you will be sent a notification as a friendly reminder that your cleaner is on the way so you can be ready. Our partners all respect your privacy and will not every expose anything personal about your home or your family, we want you to have a healthy trusting relationship with your home cleaner. That is why in most instances you will always get a cleaner from the same company, if they are ever not available and you don’t want to miss a week, LitePages will get you a temporary cleaner and ask the main partner to update them with any special needs. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your service, tell us! It helps make us better and ensure that our customer’s needs are always met.

Domestic Cleaning Services

Depending on the property a clean can include, but is not limited to the following activities

  • Wooden floor being cleaned with a flat mop

    Floor Cleaning

    Have a stain on your floor? Our cleaners can make your floors look good as new from vacuuming and mopping your floors, to steam cleaning on your carpet.

  • Toilet being scrubbed with a gloved hand

    General Cleaning

    If you’re looking for a cleaner house in general from toilet scrubbed, your blinds dusted, or your kitchen wiped down than a domestic cleaner can help you.

  • Fancy cleaning products organised for the home owner

    Tidy Up

    Our home cleaners can help if your house feels a bit cluttered with your garbage needing to be taken out, your room needs to be made, and pantry tidied.

  • Oven getting cleaned Icon

    Deep Clean

    Don’t worry if your fridge, cabinet, or oven has gotten out of hand and need a professional cleaning job to fix our domestic cleaners can handle it.

  • Laundry Waashing Icon


    If you’re behind on doing your laundry and hate ironing our cleaner understand. They can do all your washing, ironing, folding for you and put it away after.

  • Clean pool handle to step in

    Extra Services

    Domestic cleaners can help you beyond their normal home cleaning services like having your pool cleaned, outdoor patio swept, and other services.

Come home to a clean house more often

Clean home after a home clean
Get ready for your home cleaner

What to do before your domestic cleaner arrives

    Whether you go with a cleaner from our network or get your own (no hard feelings), to ensure the job goes as smoothly as possible we recommend you do the following:

    • For the first clean at least be at the property to let them in and show them where everything is.

    • Have prepared a to-do list of tasks for them. This should be inline with what was disscussed and agreed on before the clean.

    • We recommend you work on having a good relathionship with your cleaner, learn their name and allow them to use your fridge to store their lunch.

    • If on future cleans you plan to not be at the property, organise a plan on how they can get in. Where you might leave the key. For best security we reommend a tradies lock.

Domestic Cleaning questions we are asked all the time

  1. Should I get Domestic Workers Compensation Insurance?

    It is highly recommended you get it to cover yourself in case of injury to the worker since our cleaners are not employees of Litepages.

  2. Why should I hire a domestic cleaner?

    A cleaner can help bring time back into your life, something everyone seems to be short on, whether you use that time to get more work done or spend time with the family is up to you.

  3. How long will cleaner take to clean my home?

    How long you want your cleaner to work depends on you, but keep in mind to provide a reasonable amount of time for them to complete the job. This can be easier to do if you inform your cleaner of what tasks they need to do, and how detailed you’d like them done so you both can come to an understanding.

  4. Do I have to be present and can I give my cleaner a key?

    No, you don’t have to be present, but it is important to provide your cleaner a means of entry to the property and discuss your needs with them prior to the house cleaning service.

  5. Do I need to provide cleaning products and equipment?

    It is better for you provide your own products and equipment, but for a small cost, the cleaner can bring their own.

  6. What should I do with my pet?

    We want your furry family member to be as happy as they can be during the clean. Although it is best to discuss with your cleaner what the best place for your pet during cleaning.

  7. What happens if a cleaner breaks or damages one of my belongings?

    Any qualified domestic cleaning service will be insured so in the unlikely event there are any damages or theft you will be compensated. It is recommended to check the insurance policy of a domestic cleaning service provider before you book in a service.

Do you have a question we might have missed?

Our mission at LitePages is to make getting a local service completed as easily as possible and FAQs is a great way to cut down on research time. If you would like us to get an answer for a question not above please send us a message on Facebook messenger here and we will get back to you ASAP. If you are cleaning to sell your house you might want to consider letting LitePages help you find a removalist.

Time to organise a Domestic Cleaner

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