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What is a Domestic Cleaning?

Domestic cleaners tidy and clean their client’s private residences generally on a regular basis. A good domestic cleaner will be insured for any damages that may accidentally occur and be backed by a good stable business such as LitePages to ensure a high standard is maintained. Having a clean home helps keep your life in order and a regular house cleaner is the solution when you’re short of time.

Standard domestic cleaning responsibilities:

  • Vacuuming floors and carpets to a high standard
  • Dusting surfaces such as bookshelves or TV cabinets
  • Sweeping and mopping tile and wooden floors
  • Emptying all bins from the kitchen to the home office
  • Sanitising toilets, bathrooms, the kitchen and laundry
  • Maintaining general cleanliness in other areas of the home

Extra home cleaning services:

  • Washing and ironing clothes
  • Washing and drying bed linen
  • Outdoor cleaning such as sweeping entertainment areas
  • Pool vacuuming and pool area sweeping
  • Deep kitchen cleaning including the oven and sink cabinets
The LitePages Electrician Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Honesty and quality are our service guarantee, after every clean that is completed we ask you to review the work so we can maintain this high standard. All our partners want to be at work and want to do better. Before every clean, you will be sent a notification as a friendly reminder that your cleaner is on the way so you can be ready. Our partners all respect your privacy and will not every expose anything personal about your home or your family, we want you to have a healthy trusting relationship with your home cleaner. That is why in most instances you will always get a cleaner from the same company, if they are ever not available and you don’t want to miss a week, LitePages will get you a temporary cleaner and ask the main partner to update them with any special needs. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your service, tell us! It helps make us better and ensure that our customer’s needs are always met.

Come home to a clean house more often

Clean home after a home clean
Get ready for your home cleaner

What to do before your domestic cleaner arrives

    Whether you go with a cleaner from our network or get your own (no hard feelings), to ensure the job goes as smoothly as possible we recommend you do the following:

    • For the first clean at least be at the property to let them in and show them where everything is.

    • Have prepared a todo list of tasks for them. This should be inline with what was disscussed and agreed on before the clean.

    • We recommend you work on having a good relathionship with your cleaner, learn their name and allow them to use your fridge to store their lunch.

    • If on future cleans you plan to not be at the property, organise a plan on how they can get in. Where you might leave the key. For best security we reommend a tradies lock.

Time to organise a Domestic Cleaner

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