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What is Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning is the process of steam or dry cleaning a carpeted area or rug. Generally, it refers to a professional steam cleaning process to get stains and dust out of soiled carpets and rugs. Getting your carpets cleaned regularly can extend their life and is a great way to make your home look clean and bright. Carpet cleaning can get out stains left by accidents from your furry little family member to that red wine you spilled on it last date night.

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Steam Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning?

Each method of cleaning provides a wide range of benefits that can depend on your needs or situation, both methods start with the use of vacuum cleaner pre-clean. Our carpet cleaners may recommend a dual clean method of both for best results for your carpet and stain removal.

Steam Cleaning Benefits

Dry cleaned carpets are useable right after clean, unlike a steam clean which can take up to a day to dry and use less water so less risk of over-wetting your carpet. Dry cleaning can also be better for getting out oily stains, although this depends on the dry cleaning method used, and has no chance of carpet shrinkage

Dry Cleaning Benefits

Steam clean is better at cleaning extremely soiled carpets of allergens and dust mites and penetrates deep into the carpet fibres for a better rinse. It is the most often recommend cleaning solution method for carpets and usually uses softer chemicals in general to dry cleaning.
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Carpet steam cleaning process:

LitePages Steam Cleaning procedure is generally a three-stage program. Before commencing a job, we will go through the entire process, answering any questions you might have and discuss possible solutions for any trouble areas. Our partners will be straight up and honest with you if something can’t be cleaned. LitePages recommend Steam Cleaning method (hot water extraction, fast drying approximately 2 hours) for most carpets as the most effective way to thoroughly clean your carpets and furniture.

  1. An inspection of your carpets and troubled areas is conducted, then a pre-vacuum is completed to remove all excess dirt. We then apply a pre-spray of environmentally non-toxic steam cleaning chemicals.
  2. Using clean hot water rinse by way of extraction and the latest equipment we thoroughly remove all the dirt, grease, stains and spills from the carpet leaving it cleaner, softer, and extending the life of your carpet.
  3. To finish the work, we deodorise and groom your carpets to give it that brand new and fresh look.

Carpet dry cleaning process:

Litepages Dry Cleaning procedure is very similar to the three-stage program for Steam Cleaning with a very important distinction in the second step of the process. For a more convenient clean so you can walk on your carpet right away or certain situations such as very oily stains, a dry clean may be advised.

  1. An inspection of your carpets and troubled areas is conducted, then a pre-vacuum is completed to remove all excess dirt. We then apply a pre-spray ofenvironmentally non-toxic dry cleaning chemicals mixed with water.
  2. A high-speed rotary machine with pads (Like a modified floor polisher.) is used to cut into the carpets grim immediately with the pads used to capture the dirt changed regularly during use.
  3. To finish the work, we deodorize and groom your carpets to give it that brand new and fresh look.

Carpet cleaning questions we often answer

  1. How long will it take my carpet to dry?

    This depends on a lot of factors like humidity, heat, and type of carpet, but generally, it’ll take up to two hours for your carpet to fully dry if steam cleaned, and an hour if dry cleaned.

  2. How long will it take to clean my carpets?

    This entirely depends on how soiled your carpets are the size of the carpet and other factors like furniture in the way. It is best to talk to your carpet cleaner to get an estimated time to completion.

  3. How often should be carpets be cleaned?

    Every six to twelve months in domestic properties, and more to much more frequently in commercial properties depending on how heavily their used. Ask your cleaner what frequency is best for you situation.

  4. Will cleaning carpets remove all the stains?

    Our cleaners will do their best but will advise you beforehand if a stain can’t be removed. Some substances like bleach or an iron burn can’t be removed from a carpet will be permanent unless the carpet is replaced

  5. Do I need to be present for my carpet clean?

    No, you don’t, but it’s important to provide the cleaners with a means of access to your property if you’re not there, and to explain your needs before they get to work.

Do you have a question we might have missed?

Our mission at LitePages is to make getting a local service completed as easily as possible and FAQs is a great way to cut down on research time. If you would like us to get an answer for a question not above please send us a message on Facebook messenger here and we will get back to you ASAP.
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