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What is a Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning is the process of cleaning a carpeted area or rug. Generally, it refers to a professional steam cleaning process to get stains and dust out of the carpet or rug. Regularly getting your carpets cleaned can extend their life and is a great way to make your home look clean and bright.

Carpet steam cleaning process:

LitePages Steam Cleaning procedure is generally a three-stage program. Before commencing a job, we will go through the entire process, answering any questions you might have and discuss possible solutions for any trouble areas. Our partners will be straight up and honest with you if something can’t be cleaned. LitePages recommend, and our partners only use Steam Cleaning method (hot water extraction, fast drying approximately 2 hours) as the most effective way to thoroughly clean your carpets and furniture.

  1. An inspection of your carpets and troubled areas is conducted, then a pre-vacuum is completed to remove all excess dirt. We then apply a pre-spray of environmentally non-toxic cleaning chemicals.
  2. Using clean hot water rinse by way of extraction and the latest equipment we thoroughly remove all the dirt, grease, stains and spills from the carpet leaving it cleaner, softer, and extending the life of your carpet.
  3. To finish the work, we deodorise and groom your carpets to give it that brand new and fresh look.

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